Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fairytale Love

You probably already have this figured out, but i love stories. And i think im going backward mentally, because instead of reading intellectually stimulating books, these days i find myself going back to the enid blytons and other fairytales kids read. it makes it so much easier to live in a bubble.
A new project for a client who has just had a little girl, and is giving me such a treat, by asking me to do a series of illustrations for the babys nursery. And the whole theme is a little girl entering a magical world.

There is a short little story behind it, and there are going to be five illustrations! Ill tell you the story when all five are done! Oh oh good news! Skinny Scribbles has been published!! I have a copy in my hands, and I think you should be able to buy it! Im very happy with the print, it looks lovely, if i may say so myself :)
Half the weeks over, and the way times-a-flying, it should be the weekend before you know it, have a good one! much love.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dream Base

This is something Ive been wanting to do for a while now, Nobody tells you how hard it is to take interior shots! what looks good to my eyes, just doesnt come out the same on camera. But finally (with a little help from siddharth, who i frantically called while panicking about wrong light, etc) I shot some that dont look so bad :)
Welcome home ! I havent clicked every little bit, It was a race against fading light, so just the bits that I love. I love the lights hanging from a branch that I installed over my dining table, and the beautiful windows there. I love my kitchen which is so vintage - I painted it mint green to add to that whole feel! And my bedroom - that got painted blue ! I havent done such a super job with little bits of paint dripping onto the floor, im probably going to get yelled at by our landlord when he sees this :) but oh well, makes me happy for now! Its also our first grown up home - with real furniture ! I dont think I mind growing up so much :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rain Rain

Oh for some rain. I realise lately that im drawing a lot of rain, might have something to do with the overwhelming heat here.These days, im always fondly thinking of swimming pools and rain and cold weather.sigh. I should also introduce you to my new love, connector sketchpens by fabercastle! got to love them ! Super design and so delicious, theyre the special of  the day! 
Also saw this talk recently, you should watch Sara Blakely with her brand SPANX. Its an incredibly inspiring story, and a mine of information ! 
Lots of talks and plans happening these days. I cant wait for them to come alive so I can tell you of them!
But until then, enjoy the rest of the week :) its almost over ! is time going by really quickly these days, or is it just me?!
a dog amongst green.  auroville.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flying Free

What am I upto these days? im dissolving in the heat just a little bit, but besides that- my illustrations/designs are going to be on the covers of exercise notebooks! thats right :) so here is one design that i think might work- what do you think? yes or no? (sneak peek)

Happily, ive been given full freedom to choose the subjects of my illustration. so they are naturally nature inspired and these are butterflies. aiming high, flying free, and loving life.

Speaking of which, ive been interviewed by desicreative and you can read the interview on their website- ! SO exciting and feels so strange too :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gluttony and the End!

Gluttony took the form of a tree, a beautiful tree teeming with delicious looking fruit and flowers.
and youth and beauty and everything that one desires in a lifetime. Also hanging, is the apple, a 
symbol of temptation- attached to the apple is a tap from which Gluttony unfortunately drinks. 
Below him a strawberry bleeds.

Its that time of the year when long term projects come to an end, and you finally get to see the fruit of the seeds you sow (or something like that :) The Deadly ego series was started many months ago, and each character was a discovery, a lot of research and emotion involved. Im happy with the result and now rearing to start something new and exciting! Once these are printed, they are going up on the walls of the Hidesign Flagship store in Pondi- large prints, I cant wait to see them there.

On another slightly lazier note, got pampered at the gorgeous Le dupleix during our holiday there, and Im just back this morning from Pondi, refreshed and happy :) Im a pondy fan, whattodo.

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