Friday, May 24, 2013

Fierce Black

Today I finally pulled out this piece of charcoal I had bought a few weeks ago and picked up a piece of coloured paper and did a still life drawing. As always, when a piece of charcoal is in my hands, all hell breaks loose and I am covered in giant black smudges. But, it was fun and I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing these dark black , fierce lines coming to life under my hands. Im an angry soul these days, I dont think Chennai suits me very well.

The pine cones in the sketch are picked up from walks in Ooty, gorgeous ooty with its beautiful trees and pathways with ponies and flowers. Now thats a better place to live in.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Songs that make you sing

I rarely get to take a stroll in the big cities that I now live in and sit with my sketchbook and draw.
Last week, we went back to auroville to wind down for the weekend and a friend and I sat down to sketch our surroundings together - it is a distracted sketch, I have to admit . We were busy catching up and I was simply and happily dragging my brush across the paper. Such good times :)

It is sweltering here, but I have found this great mix of music . Its making my weekend so much sweeter ! Much love.

Leave you with this lovely quote, I dont think they are talking about the song really but more about life in general. deeper stuff :)
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