Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gluttony and the End!

Gluttony took the form of a tree, a beautiful tree teeming with delicious looking fruit and flowers.
and youth and beauty and everything that one desires in a lifetime. Also hanging, is the apple, a 
symbol of temptation- attached to the apple is a tap from which Gluttony unfortunately drinks. 
Below him a strawberry bleeds.

Its that time of the year when long term projects come to an end, and you finally get to see the fruit of the seeds you sow (or something like that :) The Deadly ego series was started many months ago, and each character was a discovery, a lot of research and emotion involved. Im happy with the result and now rearing to start something new and exciting! Once these are printed, they are going up on the walls of the Hidesign Flagship store in Pondi- large prints, I cant wait to see them there.

On another slightly lazier note, got pampered at the gorgeous Le dupleix during our holiday there, and Im just back this morning from Pondi, refreshed and happy :) Im a pondy fan, whattodo.


  1. These creations, although brilliant, are extremely scary.

  2. Hi Tarbooze! They arent meant to be scary,evil or good. They just are an emotion in its entirety, overwhelming and bigger than us. At least, this is how I see it.
    Thank you for commenting :)


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