Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Handpainted Tale

Ive been featured on the Hidesign facebook page as the artist behind its new range of handpainted bags! And the response has been overwhelming, im so excited :) visit www.facebook.com/hidesign ( and scroll down a bit, its been a few days now :) to see me grin away at you!

The very first painting of dragonflies and lilies,inspired by the beautiful surroundings at the factory. Yes i spent a lot of time getting lost in those beautiful lakes and trees! They really made me happy.

The drawing was simplified further so it would look better on a bag, with colours that popped !

 And lastly, another bit that Im really proud of, are the LIMITED EDITION tags that I designed specially for this collection. The pink part (the back) of each tag speaks about the artist (yours truly :) and the front is beautifully debossed to look like little drops of paint are sitting on the surface.
The round leather tag says that you own 1 piece of a 100 of these special special products. I love the rustic look of the leather and it looks beautiful hanging off the bag.

Finally, Thank you Ruella and Dipen for putting together a beautiful launch for this collection! And Thank you everyone who somehow found the Hidesign link on their own and for your sweet words of encouragement and love! You had me jumping with joy :) Hope you have a great week ahead, will write in again soon! Much love.

“In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” -Mark Twain 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

An old sketchbook

Rummaging through my bookshelf i came across a little notebook with many pages in colour and lots of little doodles. I realise its my attempt at keeping a journal some years back, on a trip to London. Its random, but like all diary entries, its always interesting to go back in time and look at it through my scribbles. 

A dandelion takes you to the skies :) 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Self Portrait

Ive always wanted to draw my own self portrait. and Ive tried, many many times, sitting in front of a mirror mostly. I could probably draw yours just fine, but when it comes to me, I dont see myself in a mirror clearly enough, sometimes i cant even remember what I really look like. To me, im a jumble of emotions and hair. 
So this charcoal drawing is just that. a jumble of things, a girl with big eyes and fish. 

Priya Sebastian has a blog, theplumtree2.blogspot.com and she does some beautiful charcoal drawings. After seeing so much of it on her blog I went in search of my charcoal pencil. 

Im finally going back to pondicherry for the weekend. cant wait! The kabir yatra has reached auroville this weekend, so if the fates bring you there, you should stay and wind down.
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