Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Though mankind persuades itself that every weed's a rose.
Roses, you feel certain, will only smile.

Beautiful words by Ee cummings. And how true they ring. We twist the good to be the bad and the bad to be something better than what it is. But in the end, who is to say what is a sin and what isnt? Which is really good or bad? And what is good or bad?
Questions exist to muddle the mind, what would we do without them.
Wikipedia defines sloth as " a wasting due to lack of use'' . Sloth to me is green goo. that sticks to the bottom of a drain slimy, sleepy and lazy. worms make their homes in it and cockroaches feed on it.
To me it is a trait to be despised, but maybe Im wrong here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Mailbox!

I got mail yesterday!! And most exciting mail too!! I had designed a cover for Scholastic India some time back, and forgot all about it until I recieved the books yesterday!! Its the first time anything Ive done has been published, and it was fun to recieve it in the mail, but the coolest bit is my name in the back :D I do love recieving mail, Im not sure what excited me more - the books or just seeing something in the mailbox :)

The book itself is lovely, beautiful illustrations by Reshma Barve, and cool experiments by Arvind Gupta. Its a fun book, and full of little tidbits of information!

The other bit of news is that Ive finally put up some of my work on behance (an online portfolio site). Would love for you to visit it and like or comment on the work Ive put up there! And if you have a portfolio on Behance, do add me !!

Its the weekend already, I sense this years going to fly by even faster than the last. sigh. Have yourselves a good weekend :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Nailed Greed

Oh Joy :) I have finally finished Greed, and the drawing just formed magically from under my hands, and I was all in a trance so I barely realised what i was doing in the inital stages. But gruesome as this one turned out. I feel that it is greed.. broken, wanting more and more, shaking with desire, scratching itself, glazed eves and drawing blood with scratching on the wall. A person no longer, a creature now - with or without a soul.

Friday, January 13, 2012


awake and asleep :)

I think that if everyone in the world had a little pup, there would be no more wars, no more petty gossip, and plenty of love going all around. Meet cracker :) With him came lots of laughter and plenty of distraction. Weve all just spent 2 days sitting around him playing and laughing at his crazy antics. He's a cocker spaniel puppy gifted to my mom by my dad and Im home right now, watching him chew the teddy bear he loves so much. he sleeps on it, and chews it to bits, shaking his sweet little ears in a most glamourous fashion :) ! I think were all head over heels in love with this pup, and hes in grave danger of being ridiculously spoiled. But its hard not to swoon when he looks at you with his adorable puppy eyes !

Have a great weekend :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The World We Live In

A glimpse into the recent past - This is a diary I designed while at Hidesign. It was one of those beautiful projects which was right up my alley, and they've just about been printed and bound. Illustrated and designed by yours truly- cover included :) and the lovely words by Dilip. I think Im very happy with the way its looking!

Of course, this isnt the entire diary- i just chose a few of my favourite spreads :) Hidesign is giving 10 diaries away though! so if you want to see/own one- go to and you might win !

Things are back on track with my deadly ego series, so youre going to be seeing something soon! Also got a new little creature entering my life, or rather my moms :) its a leetle puppy yay ! so he is going to be peeking in here fairly soonly as well! Have a great week :) Much love.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings

What a crazy way to start the new year. When nature lashes out the way it has in Pondicherry, it is.. humbling. It really is a reminder that we are just a little speck in the universe. Big trees all lying with their roots in the air. I feel really sad that the trees have got the worst of the cyclone, and that Pondi has lost about half its green. It soothed my heart to look out my window and see plenty of green..happily, my favourite tree which flowers white is still standing, but the others have been brought down. 

 from my window.

 fallen life

 the broken canal

Since I dont want my very first post of the year to be a complete downer, I think I should let you know that Pondicherry is full of life and back to normal in every other way. And we still do have a few trees standing. Energies are high ,and there is still plenty of hope. 
And i did have a marvellously inspiring trip to Rajasthan :) 
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