Saturday, January 11, 2014

Desperately Inspired

''do you think of writers the way i think of musicians?'' -the soloist
sometimes, rarely, I watch a movie that stirs me deeply, inspires my desperate soul and makes me so unsteady, crying feels like the only way to drive out the madness.

i miss writing, i sometimes miss illustrating, exploring. But olie- Im doing my best, most meaningful work right now, and it fills me up, uses every skill and helps other people. I cannot wait though, for a day when I can draw meaninglessly again, without thinking about anything at all. blindly inspired, mad, filled with crazy emotion - faced with a blank canvas, flinging buckets of beautiful colour across and crying, shaking blissfully.

It feels strange to write a post without an illustration. like Im cheating you somehow, but an illlustration is yet to flow out of me - maybe Ive found a sort of peace somehow in OLIE. maybe its just a phase. either way, this note is inspired, you should know.

I miss you, blog of mine. maybe I'll write you again soon, if you dont mind it being sans an illustration.
much love x
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