Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Cloud

For Sid's birthday this year, we went to my dads farm. Its one of my favourite places in the world. Apparently, its sid's too :) One of the things I gave him this year was this card! I like the way it turned out so I thought id post about it :D also, these lovely pictures are taken by my little sister.

The monsoons- soon we were sitting in a cloud.

The chickens, the cow, our two crazy dogs and the rest of the family wishing you a happy birthday! 

 Happy with his card! I think I should start making custom cards like this one. Had such fun with it !Interested? :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butterfly Park

 one winged pretty

flowers merged with wings
wings turned to dust
flitted over the eyes
and cast its spell

 colours and patterns came together

We went to the butterfly park in Bannerghatta. The first thing that caught my fancy about the place was that at the entrance was a little sign that said that all letters posted here bore a butterfly stamp! how lovely! 
And when the doors opened to the little park it was nothing short of joyful, jump around till you pass out amazement that I felt. Heavenly little place with little waterbodies and lots and lots of flowers and a million butterflies all flying around spreading the joy and wonder! I had to be bodily dragged away from that place.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Folk Valley

Today I did something thats been on my list for a while! I finally got to sit with some folk artists and work with their lovely vegetable dyes. A friend and I went to the valley school in Bangalore - a gorgeous space, very much like auroville, and in their artists village, amidst music and much energy, we painted and watched and listened to the artists as they related stories and sang songs about their art :) lovely!

 Banyan trees have special powers. They heal souls and exude peace. 

 the initial form that Rabia's art took

painting a pattachitra bird

my folk art dreams finally coming true :)

The colours arent spot on, I clicked this picture half in the dark! But heres my first foray into folk art! 

The tale of how the magical urn of life that poured endless amounts of nectar filled the soul, so everything - the trees, birds, sea, fish and lotus, the entire universe exists within you.

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