Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fairytale Love

You probably already have this figured out, but i love stories. And i think im going backward mentally, because instead of reading intellectually stimulating books, these days i find myself going back to the enid blytons and other fairytales kids read. it makes it so much easier to live in a bubble.
A new project for a client who has just had a little girl, and is giving me such a treat, by asking me to do a series of illustrations for the babys nursery. And the whole theme is a little girl entering a magical world.

There is a short little story behind it, and there are going to be five illustrations! Ill tell you the story when all five are done! Oh oh good news! Skinny Scribbles has been published!! I have a copy in my hands, and I think you should be able to buy it! Im very happy with the print, it looks lovely, if i may say so myself :)
Half the weeks over, and the way times-a-flying, it should be the weekend before you know it, have a good one! much love.

1 comment:

  1. i love the flying fish & the cloud with a ladder & the stars on the trees!! absolutely looove!!!


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