Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glittery and Starry Diwali !

Diwali is around the corner!!! Twinkling lights and bursts of magic and glitter in the skies. Its one of my favourite festivals because i love love love lights and twinkly glittery things. My home is full of it and it is so wonderful to see everybody go all out for this day! Its also raining in Pondicherry now, the skies are falling and im listening to beautiful music and in love with the world and weather and everything and everyone!! joy joy!

So what you see in the picture above is the Hidesign flagship store in Pondicherry. Its huge, gorgeous and full of beautiful bags and also has little things designed or drawn by ME :) What I would like to bring your eyes to here is the display window which features Diwali!

Dressing in gorgeous patterns and colours, big chandelier earrings , a dance in the step and a beautiful Hidesign bag. Fireworks in the background. Diwalii is here! Have a wonderful and safe Diwali and think of our beautiful planet and keep her safe too! MUch Love and Joy to you!!


  1. This is gorgeous moo! Puts me in a festive mood :)

  2. Awesome stuff Amu..

    Btw I'm kinda trying out the whole blog thing myself.. bit of a novice right now..Can I request your advice/thoughts on this...

    The link is :




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