Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Fragmented Soul

I have talked about how I would love to live in my subconcious world.and free myself from reality. But like I said earlier, it's not an easy task. To awaken all your senses, and achieve that sense of peace one needs to be freed from one's own ego. The ego ties you down to society and our reality as we know it. And once you are free from your ego, you reach your soul and connect with who you really are which would be beautiful. But we all have our egos firmly ingrained, and what is the ego made of? I figure, the seven deadly sins we are all so familiar with are pretty much the vices that make up our ego and obsession with self. 

So I decide to put a character to each of these seven sins. The first one I've done is Envy.
Envy tears apart the soul leaving only fragments behind in fiery emotion. I see the ruthless vulture,
the enormity of the sea as part of the energy forces that would exist in a creature called envy. 
I feel like a large chunk of my energy and emotion has gone into this piece, I hope it does something for you. Would love to hear your thoughts - both on the subject and the illustration.

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  1. I Love this! Probably my favourite one of all :)

  2. Devina D'SilvaOctober 9, 2011 at 11:07 PM

    you are SO TALENTED!!!

  3. Thank you Devina, its lovely to see you here:)

  4. I know you are a very talented girl,try more and more. Your success is not faraway.


  5. i really liked this one! :) which media ??

  6. Hey Sneha, Thanks for stopping by! this one was mostly dry pastels, watercolour and colour pencils along with some photoshop. very much a mixed media piece :)

  7. Wow that's uncanny.. It's what I look like right now :)

  8. Hi Amrita, Got to know about your blog through Ambika's FB profile and was drawn to it, by the beautiful colors on the painted feet. I must say, you truly bring out emotions in your bold pictures. They are fascinating and make people to ponder on them..... Love your art!

    1. Hi Divya, Thank you for writing in, i love hearing from people who stop by. And love that my drawings are making people think a little bit :) couldnt ask for anything more!


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