Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rain Rain

Oh for some rain. I realise lately that im drawing a lot of rain, might have something to do with the overwhelming heat here.These days, im always fondly thinking of swimming pools and rain and cold weather.sigh. I should also introduce you to my new love, connector sketchpens by fabercastle! got to love them ! Super design and so delicious, theyre the special of  the day! 
Also saw this talk recently, you should watch Sara Blakely with her brand SPANX. Its an incredibly inspiring story, and a mine of information ! 
Lots of talks and plans happening these days. I cant wait for them to come alive so I can tell you of them!
But until then, enjoy the rest of the week :) its almost over ! is time going by really quickly these days, or is it just me?!
a dog amongst green.  auroville.


  1. Haha I luff those connector pens too! tried to build a little hut with them and failed. Had to leave them back in India though :( because of Mango pickle priorities :D

  2. hehe im still obsessed, cant believe it took me this long to find them actually, apparently theyve been around for ages! oh well never too late. And i understand about the mango pickle :)


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