Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heartlight, My Mind Weeps

My very last post for the year! Were off on holiday (Yay!) tomorrow and back only in the new year!

A few weeks ago, I was feeling rather lost about life and wondering where it would take me next. A friend spoke to me with inspiring words, and I had time to think it over in a long train journey alone. I love feeling inspired, it is such a high and I feel so alive. And this sketch just happened while on the train, a bunch of doodles, and in it I say- Heartlight, my mind weeps for I follow my heart.

For no matter how much reasoning is done, in the end the heart has the final word, and only then do I find peace and happiness in my decision. Had a wonderful year of good decisions and I cross my fingers and hope that the next year only gets better and more exciting :)

This is an amazing time of the year, gifts and smiles and love all around. Big hugs, have a wonderful christmas and a beautiful, happy happy new year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magic Monks and a Ruby

a slightly closer look

I just about finished this illustration, which is going as the header of a website..would love to show you how its going to look but I do believe my client might not be happy if I launched their site before they did :) so lets call this a sneak preview! I'll let you know when it launches!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sketching a Dream World

Another sample (my sample portfolio is growing). The story here is about a child reading a book and entering different worlds. This one still needs work, but then I decided to sketch it from another angle.

I really liked the way this sketch was going.. it seemed to involve the viewer more, and had a lot more breathing space around it. The magical world is the biggest thing in the picture as I start to colour it in

The final sketch . colours and all :) The whole thing is done with pastels and colour pencils. I really love using chalk pastels, they are the nicest medium. Ive got a whole lot of little sketches waiting for me to work on them and finish them so I can share them with you, especially my deadly ego series which havent seen the light of day in absolutely ages. So im making solemn vows to do some of these before the year comes to an end! 

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