Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frangipani and The Magical Letter!

My book has a name! and a cover! and its finally going out of my hands and into the press this weekend.
I think im going to miss Samina and Skinny terribly, they were such good company these past few weeks!

Ive discovered ( through a dear friend) some pretty lovely indian blogs and been poring through them - feeling completely overwhelmed, and now I think I really need to stop being so lazy and do more! People can be so awesomely creative.

This here is my very very own frangi pani plant. Ive never owned a plant before and its soo beautiful and is flowering so beautifully (touchwood) that Im absolutely in love with it. My green thumb is anything but, so im really hoping it stays happy ! The other plant i bought, a beautiful bird of paradise one, has gone through a hard time and looks like a corpse. But its magically reopened one leaf ! So i have hopes for that one too, Ive been trying to talk it out of its gloom.. maybe it worked :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fish And Eyes

This would be sloth version 2 :) I just couldnt feel very warmly towards the earlier sketch. This one though, is wicked enough me thinks ! *gleeful* Ive already said what I had to about how I feel about Sloth, im not going to repeat myself - how i feel hasnt changed- but i just see it differently now, a bit like a kaleidoscope.
Same colours, different sights. 

A lot of rather interesting things are rearing their heads, I shall tell you of them when things are more certain !But life continues to be good. Im settling down a bit in chennai though my heart sobs for pondicherry. But I love the house here. though its far from pretty and im really not done with it, its surrounded by green goodness and flowers and two happy barking dogs and big big windows so i can feast my eyes on leafy wonders all day. So its good for my mind and soul. Pouring all my love into this house is going to drain me completely i think. Its just so big, its going to be one slow process. 
Maybe after im done, i put up pictures for you to see!
Have a beautiful happy week and weekend! Lots of love.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Close your Eyes

 music, all day and all night long -  freedom from your own thoughts.

 If you desire me
give up all desire

Become like me
and all joy is yours


Its hard to talk about a trip like this. I think that I was hoping for inspiration, but found something else.
Maybe I realise now that you dont need to search too far to find answers, and they lie within you. When your two mind-hearts meet, its magic that takes over. who needs reason?

Parvathy Baul, during a beautiful satsang one afternoon quoted from a song :

mind, go home.
a world where you roam travelling
why waste your time being a traveller?

Monday, March 5, 2012


Its been soo long since I last sat in front of my laptop. Since then, Ive had an incredible trip to Bikaner,and a very hectic move to Chennai ( which still goes on)  I shall share more about my trip in my next post - need to collect my thoughts :)

But for now, I want to share yet another sin from my series. Wrath. Consumed by its own fury, bigger than itself, and bursting with sheer power. Wrath is greater than a sin, its greater than the ego, It becomes unselfish in its extreme emotion. Somebody once asked me why so many of my characters in this series are skeletal. When I close my eyes and imagine the force of the character, most of the time its no longer human. Its what remains.

The creative juices are really flowing now, after being soaked in music and yes, sufi wisdom :) And thank you everyone for the awesome response to Skinny Scribbles! That was really heartening.
Another piece of good news, my Deadly Ego series has been bought :D by Hidesign nonethless. Its going to adorn the walls of its Flagship store which houses beautiful art pieces ! yay :)
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