Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings

What a crazy way to start the new year. When nature lashes out the way it has in Pondicherry, it is.. humbling. It really is a reminder that we are just a little speck in the universe. Big trees all lying with their roots in the air. I feel really sad that the trees have got the worst of the cyclone, and that Pondi has lost about half its green. It soothed my heart to look out my window and see plenty of green..happily, my favourite tree which flowers white is still standing, but the others have been brought down. 

 from my window.

 fallen life

 the broken canal

Since I dont want my very first post of the year to be a complete downer, I think I should let you know that Pondicherry is full of life and back to normal in every other way. And we still do have a few trees standing. Energies are high ,and there is still plenty of hope. 
And i did have a marvellously inspiring trip to Rajasthan :) 

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