Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heartlight, My Mind Weeps

My very last post for the year! Were off on holiday (Yay!) tomorrow and back only in the new year!

A few weeks ago, I was feeling rather lost about life and wondering where it would take me next. A friend spoke to me with inspiring words, and I had time to think it over in a long train journey alone. I love feeling inspired, it is such a high and I feel so alive. And this sketch just happened while on the train, a bunch of doodles, and in it I say- Heartlight, my mind weeps for I follow my heart.

For no matter how much reasoning is done, in the end the heart has the final word, and only then do I find peace and happiness in my decision. Had a wonderful year of good decisions and I cross my fingers and hope that the next year only gets better and more exciting :)

This is an amazing time of the year, gifts and smiles and love all around. Big hugs, have a wonderful christmas and a beautiful, happy happy new year!

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