Monday, January 9, 2012

The World We Live In

A glimpse into the recent past - This is a diary I designed while at Hidesign. It was one of those beautiful projects which was right up my alley, and they've just about been printed and bound. Illustrated and designed by yours truly- cover included :) and the lovely words by Dilip. I think Im very happy with the way its looking!

Of course, this isnt the entire diary- i just chose a few of my favourite spreads :) Hidesign is giving 10 diaries away though! so if you want to see/own one- go to and you might win !

Things are back on track with my deadly ego series, so youre going to be seeing something soon! Also got a new little creature entering my life, or rather my moms :) its a leetle puppy yay ! so he is going to be peeking in here fairly soonly as well! Have a great week :) Much love.

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