Monday, November 21, 2011

Turn on your Heartlight

A friend of mine is doing something incredibly exciting. She is taking part in The Mongol Rally. They are going to be driving a car all the way from Italy to Mongolia!! 10,000 miles , mountain ranges, rivers, deserts and proceeds go to charity! They are also going to be putting up a website. And she asked me to create a map for their site that would reflect a feeling of adventure! So I created this map, inspired from the Gond style of painting from Madhya Pradesh, with a rather contemporary twist to it :) The sun, moon, stars, forests, rivers, mountains, whirling dervishes. I wish I was doing something as beautiful as this !

Neil Diamond once said, 
Turn on your heartlight
let it shine wherever you go
let it make a happy glow
for all the world to see.

So thats what we have to do :) Travel the world and spread the joy ! I could do that. Sometimes I think all i want to do is travel, just keep going. that might be the ideal life. Have a good week !

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  1. this is sooo awesome!!!! m so proud n jealous of silvia!! :P :)


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