Monday, November 7, 2011

Magical Children's Worlds

The beginning of another week - Time seems to be flying away from me these days, and its going off faster now that the year is coming to an end. With so much planned, it feels like a prank being played. sigh.

I had mentioned to you about my desire to illustrate for childrens books, I got a few calls since then and though so far only one has worked out, Its been so so much fun making samples for these lovely stories.

I cant tell you too much about the story, (that would be wrong since its not mine) but its about a puppy whose parents are trying to put to bed, so in this illustration shes being given a bath in the hope that she will feel sleepy! :) I loved doing it, its my first foray into the children's book world and fingers crossed, I'm going to get my chance at doing a book soon!

Had a great weekend, and a halloween party - lots of decorations and crafts for that one - so youll be seeing some pictures soon !! Have a lovely week ! Much love !!

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  1. d puppy looks adorable n his mom, bald :P hehee

  2. Mooo...dont ever underestimate are just going great gal...cant wait for the next lot of new sure all are..momsy

  3. Hey ammu your illustrations are FANTASTIC!! anju

  4. Thank you for stopping by anju, and for your sweet words!Hope things are going well with you :)


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