Friday, November 11, 2011

Little Bits of Spooky Paper

I know I'm very late with Halloween pictures, but the Halloween party at my home happened over the weekend, so its really just been a few days since then! I spent a lot of time last week making up little decorations so people would get into the spirit, and Id like to show you around a bit :) with some not-so-great pictures! Somehow everything glittered and looked a lot better to me in person and its not translating as well in the pictures! So the trick or treat sign is something im proud of ! Made using red handmade paper, a cutting knife, and some paint for the eyeball in ''OR''. and the spider hanging from the web is made out of newspaper by Ishita - our paper guru. and I also stuck little red eyes on it! 
oh and tons of glitter all around, that you can barely see here!

 My spooky tree had lots of thread hanging around it like spider webs, and one giant paper spider !

 This is something that is going to remain as permanent decoration me thinks. I love my starry chandelier!

The string of skull lights in the Kitchen which was our Buffet area.

       Look carefully to see more threads hanging- more spider webs :D

 And on all the surfaces, the absolute halloween must-haves. Tons of pretty candles and lots of sequins! It was great fun and all our costumed friends were the last bit of decoration. it really did look lovely :) 


  1. The pictures r nt doing ANY justice moo. For those of yu who were nt ther, i wil tel yu, every little thing had a lotta details to it n added to d mood of d evening. She had done a fantastic job decorating d place, n an even better job wit herself. She was a WITCH! Yu shud post thos pics too moo :))) oxoxox


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