Monday, November 28, 2011

Smile for a Story

Im finally introducing you to the kids at Santhosha Nanban!(In tamil, this means''happy friend'').  They are incredibly smart, happy and sweet and I loooove my time with them, its great fun and hugely inspiring. I took tons of pictures from todays session, where Kanchana ( their full time teacher) and I told them the story of "The Thirsty Crow" and they excitedly started to illustrate the story! Ive just picked 10 pictures to share with you but if you want to see more let me know :)

the cutest crow

 Collage work from last weeks session, they absolutely floored me with their creativity!

We have about 20 kids in open school where Kanchana preps them for admission into a goverment school.
These are kids that have been found recently, in the middle of school year so theyre getting a good basic learning here! Almost all of them stay in the orphanage, and just a few go back to their homes in the evenings.

I mentioned before about what a lovely place Santhosha Nanban is, its an orphanage and they also educate street children and these kids are really well looked after, its been really heartwarming working with them. You can read more about them at


  1. Awesome work Amu..
    I am a part of Rotaract here in Bangalore. And we recently went to a SriLankan refugee children's orphanage.
    We spent a day with the kids. They were divided in 3 categories and each were involved in various activities like painting, collage, self motivation..

    Their spirit for life is soo inspiring. Although I couldn't speak their language, through drawings and gestures, I have had some of the most memorable conversations with these kids.

  2. Hey Jameela,That sounds like fun :)Thank you for your long message, the self motivation thing sounds interesting. Kids are pretty awesome like that, so uncomplicated.


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