Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Light that Blinds

You hold on to yourself
you're afraid you might
get left behind

and so you hide your eyes
afraid that the light 
will make you blind
- Alexi Murdoch

It's hugely unnerving to take a risk and make that leap of faith that may make every one of your dreams come true. But what is the point in doing something you dont love just because you dont know what could happen if you did something you did? Ever since Steve Jobs died, Ive been reading up on the things he said and did (always too late,sadly). But the way he lived was incredible. I would die happy if I achieved as much as he did in a lifetime. So really, there is no time to waste. Embrace the light!

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  1. The Painting 'n the description.... A bear hug to you Amu:)

  2. Its interesting how yu hav thot of n connected it to d light emitted from a bulb. Very! ;)


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