Friday, October 14, 2011

Wild Oceans of Lust

Lust is the second part of my 'deadly ego' series of character sketches. I somehow envisioned lust to take the form of a seductive mermaid. And then I discover that in Greek mythology Siren's were
seductresses of the sea (mermaid-like creatures) who lured sailors with their beautiful voices and music to shipwreck on the rocks. A beautiful, inspiring concidence. 
The sea adds energy and wild force. The type is literally dripping with desire. And the second mermaid is swept in the throes of passion. Unknown hands reach out from the sea to hold the mermaid's fin. 
I'm excited about finally getting to show this one to you, and I've just started working on the next one- 'Pride'! Have a lovely weekend, I'll be seeing you soon :)
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  1. wow, love this. so well portrayed!

  2. Did yu want the face to look scary? It cud hav been seductive...

  3. That is a good question Remya :) So I had wondered about her expression. But i believe that Lust is a lot more violent than it is seductive. Its all part of the rage of emotion that thunders out of you. Its what a vampire feels when he sees a human being. Its pure, mindless desire.


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