Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Hunt for Treasure!

This was a little something I created for Siddharth's birthday. I decided to do something fun and slightly different from the usual cake cutting session at midnight, and so the treasure hunt was born :)
The whole thing was fairly simple and uncomplicated, I didnt want him to be searching till the wee hours so kept it as direct as I could.

So I illustrated a map of our home, and drew in the little bits of furniture that were relevant. I hid 10 things in the house, the biggest present of all being on the terrace :) which explains the staircase leading to the clouds that you see in the illustration! and then I penned in the numbers - 1 to 10 next to the area they were hidden in and he had to hunt for them in the sequence that I wanted him to find each present! The very first one was the birthday cap he has on :) Oh and the edges of the map I burned to give it that old feel !

We had soo much fun doing this, it was worth all the time spent planning it.
And the search went on for a whole hour :) I hope you had a great weekend! much love.

The next little treasure was a cake hidden under our dining table :)

                                                                    puzzling over the map

                                              Silly things that you do for love make me smile :)


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