Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Tree of Wisdom & Life

 I was in Bangalore for the weekend, and found myself at a theatre one evening for a sort of musical. One of the most soul stirring performances I've seen in a while . Maybe because they were asking the same questions I am these days. But I had to pull out my sketchbook and start doodling while the music intoxicated my soul. I was deeply moved and this is the result.

A friend of mine who is some sort of genius with paper came over last week and showed me how to make 3d collages with paper.Thank you Ishita! I love this, and love the way it brings my ' Tree of Wisdom ' to life.
With the root above and branches below the tree stands for all that is pure, that is Brahman, that is immortal. In it the world rests and no one goes beyond it. The upside down Tree of Life has roots in Brahman. Brahman is the origin and support of the phenomenal universe, and a person who has realised the self is said to have realised Brahman. 

To find out more, take a peek at www.sunaad.org

Death- Teardrops from the tree of life.

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  1. ur illustration seems to me like a musical!! love it ammu n gr8 job wid 3-d collage!! :)

  2. Love the way it just jumps off the screen. Beautiful collage!!

  3. Glad you like Pragya! I pretty much drew it during the concert so that must have helped :)

  4. hey! tell me more bot d tree of life..


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