Saturday, September 24, 2011

Magical Market Worlds

A world on its own
with its mystic folk

Eyes that beckon
colours that lure
In clouds of spice
 I see dreams lurk.

Goubert market, 6 am - At first glance its noisy, dirty, complete mayhem. But then i see the colours and textures and bright eyes around me and am charmed by the shiny green chillies in the rustic sack, by the eyes of the magician with leaves spread about him, putting on a show for the world. I love to take portraits and study faces with stories written all over them. But I realise that Im shy of the questions that inevitably get thrown at me and not a great talker, so maybe when I get over that, I'll have a few more portaits to show ! Im also just picking up photography, this was my first real session, so plenty of room for improvement ! but I did want to share the experience. do hope you enjoy them.

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  1. thank you pragya ! im pickin it up slowly ;)

  2. what? this was ur first real session.......?? unbelievable. u hav got d eye sweetheart :))


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