Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Wall that Flies

                                                        Joy freed from the bond of earth's slumber
                                                                                     rushes into numberless seeds,
                                                                             and dances in the air for a day - Tagore

 I love my home, and I've been trying to pour all my love into it so that in return, it keeps me inspired. I live in Pondicherry, and the houses here can be a bit strange (in a good way). In my apartment we have a lot of outdoor space, and there is a wall next to the washbasin just outside the kitchen (where we brush our teeth :) that Ive been wanting to do something nice with for a loong time now, and YAY I finally did !
Ive spent yesterday and a bit of today covered in paint and painted my wall a beautiful blue - which happens to be my happy colour right now, and then I drew some magic seeds. I hope you like it, im thrilled with all the colour there right now :)

                                                                           Before !


And after ! I love to look at my new blue wall, it makes me feel so free and a bit like i could fly off any   second. must be the magic seeds :)
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  1. Ah so magical! Please come to London and turn my boring white wall into a bit of heaven!

  2. lovvee your wall, looks beautifull!!

  3. WTF! i shud hav read ur blog befor i came home. Slap me!! n its beautiful, "it makes me feel so free and a bit like i could fly off any second. must be the magic seeds :)" - i see magic in ur words moo, it inspires me!!!! Totally!! i gues after such a long time i'm gettin tis high by talkin / listenin to someone :) I luv yu :)))

  4. Remya i cant believe im actually inspiring somebody else and am so glad you feel this way! Cant wait for you to stun us all with your work! love you too :)


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