Monday, September 19, 2011

Let the Wings Fly

                                                                  minds underground moths
                                                                                               grow filmy wings
                                                                                          and take a farewell flight
                                                                                       into the sunset sky - Tagore

I feel like one enthusiastic cutlet. 2 posts in one day. But Ive been very excited lately, trying out new styles and reading endlessly about all sorts of things. For those of you who don't know, Im on a sabbatical of sorts . Taking a break after many years of working and its been about 2 weeks now that ive had the time to doodle and dive into this cloud of freedom.

I have always believed that to do your best work, you need to free yourself from reality, and from your own mind. Enter your subconcious dream world where magic and beauty lurk, and then draw, paint and get that image onto paper. But its hard to escape from your own mind. I did have one beautiful experience that Im dying to tell you of, maybe tomorrow..
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous work moo! I love it! Can I please buy it? ;)

  2. This is lovely! Am here through Sid's FB link to your blog, am really impressed by your work :)

    1. Thank you! Im so happy you stopped by and took the time to write in :)


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