Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brachiosaurus & Pteranodons !

Two of the new words I learned recently ! Its funny how enlightening it is to work with different people !
This illustration was commissioned as a wedding present for an ecologist couple. The brief was nothing short of fantastic, jsut the kind I like to hear - with requests for giant butterfly-eating dragonflies and dragons and a
whole world of dinosaurs. Incredible and I had a brilliant time creating this illusion !

Its been a long while since my last post - Things have been terribly hectic and I seem to have taken my usual nomadic behaviour up by a notch. Sort of in fast forward mode where I was doing the same sort of insane travelling incredibly quickly- leaving me with no time to breathe.  One of my best friends got married last week, so it was one big fat punjabi wedding. Unfortunately I didnt have my camera on me,  though I did ask friends to click a few things that I will post when I recieve them. Ludhiana is an incredibly artistic society. The fabric, the dyeing and sense of fashion there is unbelievable. Ive never seen anything like it !

I will try giving you a glimpse soon :) Have a wonderful week! much love.

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  1. he he nice!
    "ecologist couple" who wanted dinosaurs!


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