Monday, February 18, 2013

Design All Around

Ive been spoiled thoroughly these past few days - being showered with gifts with valentines day and my birthday around the corner. So Im basking in the love and tirelessly admiring all my pretty new things. 
There is some beautiful design involved here - I thought I would show you around a little :)

A canopy (Ive always wanted one ) for my bed, 
turning it into fantasy sleep land with stars and fairy lights, dreamcatcher and lots of white linen ! and yes, also a man on the moon fishing for a star - you can see his shadow right on the top if you look carefully! 

beautiful pair of shoes sent for me by my sister - love everything about this pair!

Another dream come true - the incredible wacom intuos 5 made its way into my life two days ago - besides being an incredible tool, it is a gorgeous piece of design. I spend more time looking at it than using it!

It was love at first sight when I saw the Forrest Essentials packaging some months ago.
Another something that Ive always longed for. Not so much the product (though its great!) but more for that
gorgeous scented tissue with real rose petals and the beautiful bag and those gorgeous jars and bottles.

Finally - some plants for our new home. Its amazing how a little green life can alter a space so dramatically.
I plan to grow a whole little garden here, if my not- so- green thumb permits! 

Gotta love february! Ive never had such a torrent of beautiful goodies come my way in such quick succession  :) Have a great week! love.


  1. u still hold alot of design crafts around ur house which is here in chennai..! :)u can put them too..! btw did u find the ladder for the bathroom hanger...! :)

  2. you remembered ! Ive yet to get me a ladder! its definitely on the list though :) let me know if you find one!


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