Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dose of Normal

what better way to express all the crazy you feel in a week than through a sketch with a pen.
The perfect doodle device. Its been a mad few weeks, ecstatic one day - and down in the dumps the next. think i need a dose of normal :) 

How are things going with you? 


  1. Oh it is just nose to the grindstone for me. I came here to tell you how much I like this drawing :-)

    1. haha priya, thanks for answering my question :) waiting to see what comes out from under your hands! and happy you like the drawing !

  2. Lovely blog and interesting artwork Amrita. Why didn't I get here before? :-)

  3. Thanks Ambika, Glad you reached here now :) I checked out your blogs as well ! They look lovely - you should keep them going . Id like to see more !


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