Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frangipani and The Magical Letter!

My book has a name! and a cover! and its finally going out of my hands and into the press this weekend.
I think im going to miss Samina and Skinny terribly, they were such good company these past few weeks!

Ive discovered ( through a dear friend) some pretty lovely indian blogs and been poring through them - feeling completely overwhelmed, and now I think I really need to stop being so lazy and do more! People can be so awesomely creative.

This here is my very very own frangi pani plant. Ive never owned a plant before and its soo beautiful and is flowering so beautifully (touchwood) that Im absolutely in love with it. My green thumb is anything but, so im really hoping it stays happy ! The other plant i bought, a beautiful bird of paradise one, has gone through a hard time and looks like a corpse. But its magically reopened one leaf ! So i have hopes for that one too, Ive been trying to talk it out of its gloom.. maybe it worked :)


  1. Yu will get a copy of d book, right? damn cool :D
    D flowers look soooooooooper pretty :) how can yu nt fall in love wit such beautiful plants ........ :)i'm sure d bird of paradise will start smiling too :)

  2. hi amrita,
    i just came across your blog today..... nd touch wood its very.... beautiful... i jus fell in love with ur work...u might not know me but we were in the same school.... ny ways all the best... looking forward to see more of ur work...


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