Thursday, April 5, 2012

Self Portrait

Ive always wanted to draw my own self portrait. and Ive tried, many many times, sitting in front of a mirror mostly. I could probably draw yours just fine, but when it comes to me, I dont see myself in a mirror clearly enough, sometimes i cant even remember what I really look like. To me, im a jumble of emotions and hair. 
So this charcoal drawing is just that. a jumble of things, a girl with big eyes and fish. 

Priya Sebastian has a blog, and she does some beautiful charcoal drawings. After seeing so much of it on her blog I went in search of my charcoal pencil. 

Im finally going back to pondicherry for the weekend. cant wait! The kabir yatra has reached auroville this weekend, so if the fates bring you there, you should stay and wind down.


  1. How come I never saw the fish? :(
    Lol. Idk, aint it better to keep a pic of urself n try to draw it rather than looking at d mirror...? heheee ;)
    I like d fishes here... they look damn neat!
    BTW I'm sad wont be here d one weekend yu r coming down :( Hav fun though baby. Lub ya :-*

  2. i agree with not being able to 'see (urself) in a mirror clearly enough' - i thinks it's so true. our perception is clouded with the emotions we feel and the journeys we've travelled. but of course, this was not cos i was attempting a self-portrait; am most certain that if i did, mine would come out looking like something out of this world (and not in a good way)! i love urs, though, fish and all :)

  3. This image flashed through my head just now - This is to remind you that I need this piece. It better be waiting. In my room. Nestled. Protected. Black.



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