Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Close your Eyes

 music, all day and all night long -  freedom from your own thoughts.

 If you desire me
give up all desire

Become like me
and all joy is yours


Its hard to talk about a trip like this. I think that I was hoping for inspiration, but found something else.
Maybe I realise now that you dont need to search too far to find answers, and they lie within you. When your two mind-hearts meet, its magic that takes over. who needs reason?

Parvathy Baul, during a beautiful satsang one afternoon quoted from a song :

mind, go home.
a world where you roam travelling
why waste your time being a traveller?


  1. The answers have always been there, and there is also reason as to why we do not know about it right from the start. Because if we did, then there would be no seeking, there would be no questions, there would be no travel.
    As we seek, we realize that the world is nothing but a reflection of ourselves. And that brings us back home again.


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