Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fish And Eyes

This would be sloth version 2 :) I just couldnt feel very warmly towards the earlier sketch. This one though, is wicked enough me thinks ! *gleeful* Ive already said what I had to about how I feel about Sloth, im not going to repeat myself - how i feel hasnt changed- but i just see it differently now, a bit like a kaleidoscope.
Same colours, different sights. 

A lot of rather interesting things are rearing their heads, I shall tell you of them when things are more certain !But life continues to be good. Im settling down a bit in chennai though my heart sobs for pondicherry. But I love the house here. though its far from pretty and im really not done with it, its surrounded by green goodness and flowers and two happy barking dogs and big big windows so i can feast my eyes on leafy wonders all day. So its good for my mind and soul. Pouring all my love into this house is going to drain me completely i think. Its just so big, its going to be one slow process. 
Maybe after im done, i put up pictures for you to see!
Have a beautiful happy week and weekend! Lots of love.

1 comment:

  1. oh d character is fallin off d bed is it? last time i saw it, i ws lik wats d point of a fancy cot in all tis, n silly me, now i know :P


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