Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When Time Stands Still

quaint little doors and yellow houses 
lake in the middle of nowhere - auroville    

Living in Pondicherry is so inspiring, Im surrounded by a quaint beauty that is unique to most towns in India.
And its not just the place, its got some incredibly interesting people living in it too- creating the most exciting things. Sometimes I go around with my sketchbook and scribble away, something to look at and drown in someday when im far away in a horrible noisy city. This morning I was in auroville at a gorgeous lake. There were birds chirping and I think I almost forgot to draw, it was just so peaceful.

And on a sadder note, all the likes from that facebook like button have suddenly been erased and i dont know how ! it makes me a bit sad. So do leave your comments as well as clicking on like, I really would love to hear from you !


  1. Lovely. It's amazing that you will have painted memories of the place.

  2. the first imagery is like entering a dream world. like you have written somewhere in your posts, its dreaming about reality! it's as if looking at time through a magnifying glass and forgetting about moving on!

    lovely post!


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