Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skinny Scribbles!

I've really had a hard time keeping this leetle bit of excitement from all of you, but Im doing a childrens book with Scholastic :D And as you know, I have reallly been wanting to do one, so Im thrilled to bits to be covered in ink and paint drowning in a gorgeous story about a little girl called Samina and an envelope child called Skinny Scribbles and their whole adventure. Its funny, it makes you go aww sometimes and I love how dreamy the whole story is. It goes into production in April me thinks, I will let you know when its out!
So yes, I love it  and I love illustrating it. Its also in black and white! Im so used to spending hours with my colours that its a refreshing change to play with black and white again. I hope you like it !! Here are a few illustrations from the book :)

Im also off for a very exciting sounding trip to Bikaner, to be part of the Kabir yatra ! check out Hoping to be filled with Sufi wisdom and all the love they sing about. So Ill see you next in March! much love.


  1. Nice. I think working in just black n white is quite challenging for a kids book, but yu hav done great!!

  2. i luff this!i especially LOVE her hair:)
    the second frame is just too sweet!:)

    1. aw nali coming from your talented self that means a lot :)


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