Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bits And Pieces

Im turning food critic for this post :) Must indulge my madness!

I have been obsessing over cheesecake for many many months now, I think its been more than a year since I first tried this incredible cheesecake at the Well Studio Cafe in Auroville. so all was well as long as that incredible cheesecake was close at hand. But once we moved to Chennai - I had to start hunting for cheesecake again - and realised it really is a hunt! Ive had the most awful chewy(!) buttery (!) strange cheesecakes at insane prices. lets tear down a few places. 
Chennai - sandys laboratory. great food, nice place, nice everything - but their super expensive cheesecake is inedible - AND its highly recommended by the people there, so dont fall for that.
amethyst cafe - horrible. the french loaf - i think they use cheddar instead of cream cheese ! sigh.

and then we moved to bangalore ! so the hunt is going nationwide suddenly.. hard rock cafe - terrible!
The one at the food hall at 1mg looked deceptively enticing - but it was pretty gross. gloria jeans coffee - eek! Ice and Spice (ordered with great enthusiasm) - blech! We tried the cheesecake at Toscano - it was passable but still not very good. Bliss chocolate lounge at UB city - again a big no. It makes me wonder - is it so hard to make good cheesecake outside of auroville?

A small respite in the middle, when we went to auroville again and had a tiny cheesecake in a steel bowl (completely homemade) and that was pure heaven, light and lovely!

And then finally, at under the mango tree in bangalore - cheesecake that was half decent! 

So thats where Im at. I cant stop ordering cheesecakes. If you know of a delicious one - tell me about it!! must - eat - good - cheesecake.

While driving from Bangalore to Chennai, the sun rose making the whole world glow. It was beautiful. 

Im terribly excited. Were flying to the andamans tomorrow! one week of lying on blissful beach no.7 (repeatedly proclaimed to be nothing short of paradise) by everyone who has been there. Sketchbook in one hand and camera in the other, Im off! maybe Ill find my dream cheesecake in the andamans, you never know :)


  1. have a safe trip. xo
    p.s: i'll bake you a cheesecake ;)

  2. haha.. i know a few people(say a Filipino girl) who can make amazing cheesecakes. let me know if you need some numbers :P


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