Monday, October 15, 2012

Love is in the Air!

When they say ''love is in the air'' it sounds cheesy, but Ive reason to believe it may be true. 
October started off wonderfully, and Ive been soo excited that septembers over ( not a great month :)
My best friend Bani, from way back in school is getting married. and this came in the mail for me last week 
a gorgeous little bottle with a cork- do you see the silver heart with ''love'' on it? and this lovely message asking me to be her bridesmaid. I was so overjoyed, i wouldve agreed to anything at that point :) 
Isnt it beautiful ? I had to share it, I love it so much!

My very first bridesmaidly duty was to quickly create a ''save the date'' for her ! 
So we used this gorgeous picture of both their hands in the sky, and created a quirky card that Bani felt really reflected their love ! 

I of course, had had to do an illustrated version as well ! :) 
They loved them both, and went with the one above, with blue skies ! 

I was also asked to do another project which I cannot reveal right now, but its along the same lines. everyones proclaiming their love for each other suddenly. Happy to sniff the air and bask in the joy!

Be Loved and Let Love Be 


  1. Wow. What an idea, the message in the bottle!
    Absolutely love both the Save the Dates :)

  2. priya, thank you :)it is a wonderful idea isnt it!


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