Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Peep Into My Other World


Leaves of yellow
turquoise and olive
An intake of breath
(oh the wondrous joy!)
As they fall, dancing 
to the song of the wind

A pause in the flurry
of a moments breath
When glitter settles
as the dragonfly rests

the lovely nirmala, humoring my obsessive desire for the absolute perfect shade of teal.

A glimpse into the Olie world 

vintage love

photo credits : my lovely friend, heena pari 

So much is said so easily through a few pictures and words. This is why I sometimes feel that talk is always just that, long winding talk. And the reason why I love this space and blogging so much. Words are understood so much better when written and time is taken to look and absorb and stories learned. 

Every collection has a mood, an inspiration. A slow translation from sketch to product. A short verse accompanies each and I want you to interpret it as you will. Feel that sudden joy, the upside down feeling in the stomach, goosebumps as you relive an experience and then bring it home and tell your stories again,
through a cushion cover perhaps, or a glowing lamp - complete with shadows and colours. 
More soon, I can't believe how wonderfully people have been reacting to Olie. Thank you for your love - it keeps the silly smiles pasted on and spirits high !
Our facebook page is up and I would love for you to stop by and say hello !

Have a great week !

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