Friday, September 28, 2012

Beautiful Green

This would be a random doodle I did while sitting on the balcony - which has a huge chickoo tree falling into it with squirrels running all over with their beautiful eyes fixed on me watching to see if I would move. 
Its beautiful weather these days in Bangalore. And where i live now, right outside the balcony the mood seems so different below this huge tree, like something special happens there. And a weaver birds nest hangs from it too. quite magical. Im in the mood to be surrounded by some wild greenery. 
Maybe its time to plan a holiday. 
gosh, I really miss living in Pondi. 

I finally managed to print my business cards! This is something I probably should have done ages ago, but now I have them ! And so excited to start giving them away ! The front is a mango yellow and the back, you may recognize the self portrait and fish Id done a while ago :) It looks quite mad, but i love my cards! Stop and say hello and Ill be sure to give you one!


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